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You can feel secure in our completely independent advisory work, provided without obligation to qualified investors with no initial upfront fees.

IFP Advisory is an accredited advisor of the award-winning ASPIRE Advisor Network. ASPIRE is an industry leading network of qualified, experienced and ethical Advisors who provide quality, unbiased investment advice to their clients and assist them in facilitating the acquisition of appropriate assets.

Whether you are a first time investor, or a portfolio builder, IFP Advisory will provide you with the education, guidance and the best tools and resources to build and implement your investment plan.

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Advisory Services

Solutions customised for you

Depending on where you are at in life, and at which stage of your investment property journey you are will affect how/what and where you choose to invest. The IFP Advisory teams’ job is to work with you to first understand what your needs and goals are and then ensure your investment property/s work in with your overall plan.

Finding the right property

At IFP Advisory, we source properties from all over the country. Via our partnership with the ASPIRE Advisors Network, we get to see the work of over 80 builders and developers throughout the country.

Loan Assistance

We can help you find out what your borrowing capacity is, which is based on your income and expenditure, assets and liabilities and link you up with borrowing institutions to make the process of accessing a loan as easy as possible.


Insurance can be confusing and time consuming. Let us help align you with credible agents and help you get the right insurance coverage, quickly and hassle free.


How do we guide you to financial freedom?



We meet to explore and discover your goals and roadblocks, and create a customised strategy.



We present a shortlist of investments based on your goals and suitablility, including an analysis of potential returns to support your investment selection.



Our team work to implement your investment purchase and provide ongoing management and performance reviews.


What a great process. The IFP Advisory team are first class and I now have 5 properties working with them.

Charles & Mary – Investors
South Australia

I was never one for managed funds and shares scare me. I love property and thanks to the team I am now going for it!

Penny – Investor
South Australia

Thanks to John and the IFP Advisory team, we are now in the business of property investing. One of the key things they teach you is that you are running a business and that just happens to be in property investing and renting to people. Thank you again!

Craig and Despina – Investors

The numbers are truly powerful especially when they are explained and worked through like John and the team do. We used to look at investing and it was something that we felt we could never do. It just seemed so hard and now we truly know that it isn’t. Following a trued and tested process and formula does work. It has worked for us. We now have 4 properties accessed through the IFP Advisory process. Thank you.

Nick and Tracey – Investors

I am extremely thankful to John for the assistance he has given me and for allowing me the opportunity to achieve my life dream of becoming a wealthy individual. I consider John to be one of the smartest enthusiastically driven gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and consider him to not only be a top bloke, but also a good friend.

Kym – Investor

There ARE people out there that can help you create wealth with property. Thank you to John and the team. You speak plain English and really know the numbers.

Joe – Investor


IFP Advisory

South Australia

Level 1, 19 Sturt Street Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: 08 8423 6176

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