Our Turn Key Process

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For a lot of people, the process of finding an investment property, applying for a loan, finding the right type of insurance and everything in-between is just too daunting. ┬áIt’s a roadblock that stops them from achieving financial freedom through property.

At IFP Advisory we solve that problem via our turn key process.  Right from our initial meeting, you will have our guidance, experience and know-how making your property investment strategy simple and hassle free.

This turn key process consists of 3 main steps:

Finding the right property

At IFP Advisory, we source properties from all over the country. Via our partnership with the ASPIRE Advisors Network, we get to see the work of over 80 builders and developers throughout the country.

Loan Assistance

We can help you find out what your borrowing capacity is, which is based on your income and expenditure, assets and liabilities and link you up with borrowing institutions to make the process of accessing a loan as easy as possible.


Insurance can be confusing and time consuming. Let us help align you with credible agents and help you get the right insurance coverage, quickly and hassle free.