Finding The Right Property

Generally we are limited by time, by investment experience, or both, which makes building a property portfolio hard work.

Using a Property Advisor is a great step in helping you build your property portfolio, but how do you know you can really rely on the advice you are being given?  How do you know the properties you are being shown really do offer the best opportunities as an investment?  How far and wide does the Property Advisor look for properties?

At IFP Advisory, we source properties from all over the country. Via our partnership with the ASPIRE Advisors Network, we get to see the work of over 80 builders and developers throughout the country.  It doesn’t matter where a property is located, as long as it fits within the criteria you want you (we can help you establish what your criteria is) you will get a chance to consider it.

And how do you view the properties?

We have access to cutting edge project property selection software via a private web portal.

This online system has been tailored specifically for the needs of Australian property investment advisors, developers and investors.  It means that we can set a very specific set of criteria based on your needs and very quickly have a short list of properties which are available to view including associated reports and data.  This means making your decision couldn’t be easier!