Kym – Investor

September 6, 2016

I’ve been dealing in and out of property for quite a while, and have had some bad an nasty past experiences. This was due mainly to totally bad investment choices, complete absence of the property market knowledge and incorrect recommendations for legal, brokerage, insurance etc. This turned me off investment properties for a while. But a couple of year’s ago my lovely daughter convinced me to give it another go and introduced me to IFP Advisory. With my interest aroused, I attended a very interesting seminar presented by a gentleman by the name of John Tsoulos. I was completely enthralled by the knowledge, enthusiasm, drive and stamina of this gentleman. I have been to quite a few seminars over the years, but this one was completely different. Just about ALL my queries and questions that I had, were answered without me even having to ask them. The information package presented by John Tsoulos was not only presented well, but was very informative. It was explained in a way that made me understand where I had gone wrong in the past, especially the tax advantages that are available to investors, which was my grey area and had cost me quite a lot of coin.

Through John’s guidance on all matters and help from the IFP team, which is a one stop shop, for everything you need to get you into the property market, in only 4 short years, I now control a portfolio of over $2ML of brand new high quality investment properties. These properties are in areas that I never would have even given a second thought to, but with John’s market knowledge, experience and contacts, it turned out to be a real gold mine. When we decided on which properties were of interest, John came with me to inspect them, and through his experience and contacts, we were able to meet up with the builder, who not only showed us through the units but also showed us other projects he had completed over the years, which were very impressive indeed.

John Tsoulos has been there for me every step of the way to not only point me in the right direction, but hold my hand and to assure me all is good when the ugly head of doubt and cold feet arose, and I didn’t procrastinate. As stated, in 4 short years, I have gone from a sceptic to an astute investor.

As you can probably ascertain I am extremely happy with my portfolio and have learnt to trust John’s judgement and advise. I am extremely thankful to John for the assistance he has given me and for allowing me the opportunity to achieve my life dream of becoming a wealthy individual. I consider John to be one of the smartest enthusiastically driven gentlemen I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and consider him to not only be a top bloke, but also a good friend.


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