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Investment Opportunity – Oakdene Estate, VIC

October 25, 2017

Oakdene Estate, 3kms from the surf beaches of Ocean Grove in Victoria. Here’s a quick rundown

Windsor frontage

Oakdene estate, Lot 421, Cheviot Terrace, Ocean Grove

  • $516,020 purchase price
  • Expected rental is $460 per week.
  • Beachside suburb, 64 kms from the Melbourne CBD.
  • House and land package, therefore only pay stamp duty on the land (Approx $10,000 instead of $25,000).
  • Good rental yield, low vacancy rates, close to Geelong which is a major employment centre.
  • Timeline is 7 months to build from land title date which is around May 2018. 
  • 208.27 sq mtr house and 420 sq mtr land.
  • 4 bed 2 bath, 2 car.
  • Most neutral cash flow in Victoria – gross estimated yield is 4.6%, no body corporate fees as it is free standing house.

ocean grove images

About Ocean Grove

  • 3 kms to beach, great asset to the property. Great surfing beach. The one thing we cannot make any more is seaside land. 
  • Many Government and major corporates are relocating to Geelong.
  • It is a lifestyle area.
  • Directly South of Geelong is Torquay and the prices of similar type properties are $100,000 more.
  • Beautiful little village and close to shops.
  • There are wineries in the area and it is a great area for boating and fishing.
  • As Melbourne grows out it will grow out towards the West (therefore long term capital growth opportunities, especially with the salt water) as the East is already well developed.

Bottom line: This development ticks all the boxes for a long term investment that will provide high rental demand and yield.

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The ultimate relocation for retirees looking for an affordable, relaxed lifestyle in an established community. 


This opportunity may suit if you’d like a property to give you the best chance of high rental demand and high yield.

Is this the right investment for me?

This opportunity is not for everyone. Although it is an incredibly valued development in limited supply within an established suburb, it needs to suit your strategy and situation.

Speak with us now if you would like to explore and understand your options.

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