Announcing: High rental yield strategy

December 6, 2021

Dual Occupancy Properties offer investors high rental yields (6% +) from 2 Residential Tenancy Agreements with the financial efficiencies of one property.

This is a versatile cash-flow strategy if you want to reduce your home loan quickly – or want an investment that pays itself off while increasing in value

We have access to…..
Dual Occupancy Homes in great locations

2 Dwellings
Dwelling 1: 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 2 Car
Dwelling 2: 2 Bed, 1 Bath, 1 Car
from $551,730 in Perth WA

Dual Occupancy Properties offer a unique floor plan.  They are two properties side by side, but look like one home from the front. Perfect for two tenancies or for families that need their older relatives to live close by – the modern day granny flat.

We have access to some exceptional value opportunities in Perth, WA which are in high demand.  All of the critical indicators have the Perth market at a prime time to invest with very low vacancies and a shortage of properties for the growing population.

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Relatively low entry cost for an exceptional value, high yielding asset – ideal for

  1. Reducing your home loan (non-tax deductible debt) quickly OR
  2. To pay itself off whilst increasing in value.

NOTE: This opportunity is not for everyone. 

Although this high yielding cash-flow strategy offers 2 income streams for the one property, in a market poised for growth it needs to suit your strategy and situation.

Would you like to find out whether a dual occupancy investment property is a good fit for your investment strategy?

Perth Property Market Report.

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P.S. Please forward this to friends or family who would love to reduce their home loan or personal loans or credit cards quickly.

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